The main service provided by our translation agency is professional translation. Our professional B2B translation service aims to promote the international growth of businesses and entities, and to furthermore aid intercultural communication. In this way, we help companies to expand to foreign markets and establish high-quality dialogue between parties.

Our agency assigns work to translators who translate exclusively into their native language; we want to avoid those awkward situations where translated texts with striking flaws baffle foreign clients. In order to work with us, simply “knowing” a foreign language is not enough – we only consider qualified translators who have a University degree in translation studies.

Are you a manufacturing company? By translating your website, catalogues, manuals, and documents into any language, we can help boost your growth on an international scale. We take on the responsibility of finding, carefully selecting, and organising human resources, as well as managing translation projects. We will give you a concrete example: Déco, a decking manufacturer whose signature composite wood we can admire on the promenade of the seaside town of Poetto in Sardinia. Déco chose us: now they can share what they have to offer with clients in Spain, France, Russia, and Germany.

The professional translators at OLÈXICA mainly focus on the following text types and genres: business catalogues, product data sheets, manuals; legal documents (e.g. certificates, contracts, notarial acts); financial statements (reports, payslips, etc.); advertisements and marketing collateral; localisation of webpages (localisation goes beyond simple translation: localised texts are edited in order to better fit the culture of the target audience – user-friendliness is enhanced, and websites hence become more accessible); texts on tourism, local development, and gastronomy.

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