Our translation agency is in search of bright translators and interpreters in all areas who can deliver on their promise. We will take on the responsibility of finding work for you! As soon as you’re with us, we shall email you offers, and you can translate from home, following a schedule of your own.

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    2 thoughts on “Work With Us

    1. Hello,
      Being a currect student at UniBo Ravenna campus, I would like to apply for a translator part time job at OLEXICA. I navigate smoothly among English, French and Italian, in addition to Arabic being my mother tongue.
      My attached CV demonstrates my work experience as English/Arabic and English/French translator, and would appreciate having an opportunity with you to excel and grow.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      1. Hi, Hend! Please submit your application using the application form above. Otherwise we would not be able to consider you for this position. Thanks!

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