The apostillation and legalisation of documents can be carried out after the translation has been certified only if the text is destined for use in a foreign country.

An apostille is a specific seal which certifies the authenticity of a document and the surname and occupation of person who signed the document.

What is an apostille and where can I get one?


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Our experience as a certified translation agency has taught us that some people may think “Ok, so now I have all my documents ready with all the seals!”, and they venture abroad, bringing their documents as they are, with hopes of obtaining foreign citizenship. As they say in Russia,

Life is not as simple as it seems. It’s simpler.

But… If you are planning on getting an education abroad or applying for foreign citizenship, you will be required to provide additional proof of the authenticity of your documents. As an agency, we advise you to check which documents require an apostille and to make sure that it is present prior to departure, so that you can leave with peace of mind. “How and where can I get my documents apostilled?” you may ask. Let’s find out!

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