Traduttrice in tribunale

Our online certified translation services are generally oriented towards people who have just arrived in Italy or who want to move abroad. They are also suitable for businesses (e.g. certified translations of contracts).

Just send us scanned copies of your documents (or pictures of them on WhatsApp), and we will send you a quote – from there you can proceed straight to payment. Within 15 minutes of payment, work is already underway, and your documents are being processed! After 2 to 3 days, you will receive a priority post letter containing the translation certified in court (also called sworn translation) with a report signed by an Italian Justice of the Peace bearing the business stamp of our agency.

Apostille Translation Services

The process behind certified translation services at OLÈXICA involves the authentication of the translated document executed by the Justice of the Peace and the signing of an oath stating the correspondence between the contents of the original and the translated document. The apostillation of documents, on the other hand, can be carried out after the translation has been certified only if the text is destined for use in a foreign country. An apostille is a specific seal which certifies the authenticity of a document and the surname and occupation of person who signed the document.

The documents we prepare for you are accepted by public bodies and institutions across the whole of Italy and abroad.

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Take a picture or scan your document and send it via WhatsApp to +39 324 842 3554, on Telegram or via e-mail to We shall examine it and send you our no obligation quote.

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