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This coronavirus pandemic has reminded us about an important human trait, that is, the importance, for our moral and psychological health, of opportunities of vital social interactions. In fact, not everyone is lucky enough to live one room, one building, or one neighbourhood away from relatives or loved ones: there are those who live and work in another province, another region and those whose family lives in a foreign country. For the latter, seeing family means inevitable international flights, often with stopovers. For example, to reach Siberia from Italy and vice versa, two stopovers are required, one in Saint Petersburg and one in Moscow, and the entire trip takes approximately 24 hours. It is approximately the same distance for someone who, moving in the diametrically opposite direction, is travelling from Italy to Latin America.

In addition to passport control and visa checks, another type of control has been added at international airports, and it includes measuring body temperature and verifying passenger state of health documentation. It is evident that we are talking about COVID-19 tests and vaccination certificates.

Must a vaccination certificate be translated before going abroad?

Certificates containing the results of COVID-19 tests and vaccination certificates produced in Italy are issued by competent local health authorities for services on a national level. Since the certificates are issued in the official language of the country, Italian, it is important to remember that before departing, it is necessary to obtain the documentation translated into the language of the country you are travelling to or English. It is possible to print the vaccination certificates yourself directly from the personal area of the Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico (Electronic Health Records), also in Italian.

Where can you have a vaccination certificate or test results translated?

As often occurs, the procedure for the sworn translation of documents is rather simple: receive or download the document, carry out the sworn translation at our agency and all is taken care of!

But what to do if the COVID-19 test must be carried out within 48 hours of the departure, that is, you receive the document today, but you need to travel the day after tomorrow? In this case there is not enough time to wait for a prepayment through bank transfer for translation services (1-2 business days), to have the translation certified by an Italian court (by appointment, with a wait from 2 to 10 days) and to send the documents by post (2 business days in Italy).

Our agency can provide the translated documents in 1 or 2 days thanks to our “certified translation” service. This speed in providing translations is thanks to the issuing of a certificate of compliance of the translation with the original, by our agency, valid throughout Italy and abroad, and thanks to the instant payment systems we use which accept payment with credit or debit cards and allow you to pay for the order online. Just 15 minutes from the receipt of payment, your order is already in processing.

As soon as we have completed the translation of the vaccination certificate, we also issue a certificate of conformity bearing the signature and stamp of our agency and we send you a printable file via email, and a copy of the document through WhatsApp. Once you have printed the documents at home or at the copy shop, you can pin the translation of the vaccination certificate and our quality certificate to the original, so that you can use it and store it conveniently.

Regarding the return to Italy, the first thing is to follow the rules regulating international flights implemented by the state authorities of the country from which you are departing. In addition, the laws in force for entry into the country are also valid. All the rules which regulate entry into Italy are available on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 1 July 2021, three types of certificates relative to coronavirus are accepted in the European Union: vaccination certificate, test certificate and certificate of COVID-19 recovery. Here you will find additional information on vaccination certificates.

What does an electronic COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued in Italy look like?

The certificate in question is a normal electronic PDF document, that can be printed on plain paper in A4 size, and which does not require either signatures or stamps.

The document’s header, at the left, contains the information regarding the local health authority, usually the competent office for the province, together with the address and name of the specific organisation (hospital, local health authority or temporary vaccination centre). Next, under the title “Certificato di vaccinazione” (“Vaccination certificate”) or “Certificato vaccinale” (“Vaccine certificate”), the vaccinated patient’s personal data may be listed in various order: surname and name, date of birth, tax code and home address. Next, the information and type of vaccination is indicated with the wording “COVID-19”. At the bottom of the document, there is a statement confirming that the certificate is valid without a signature (and where the name and surname of the health official issuing the certificate may be present).

Translation of medical certificates and extracts from medical charts

The translation of documents on the condition of health to be presented in another country is a process that must not be cause for worry. For this we put forth our best efforts to satisfy every customer request and reduce wait times to a minimum.

As soon as the translation is ready, we send it via email. If you wish to receive the translation of the documents in paper format together with our quality certificate directly at your home, in Italy or in another country, just let us know when requesting a quote, so that we can provide you with the most reliable or economical delivery option.

Additionally, before ordering a certified translation of the medical documents, we recommend asking your physician if the institution that is to receive the translation accepts the certificate from an Italian translation agency. If a translation certified by an Italian court is required, opt for the service of sworn translation of documents.


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