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If you’re a business that has multilingual content, you might be wondering if your translated material has the same punch as the original text for your target audience. But how can you ensure that your content doesn’t fall flat when it comes to convincing your visitor to make a purchase? You might want to ask your professional translation service provider to give you a transcreation of your text rather than a standard professional translation – don’t worry, we’ll explain the difference!

Painting vs photocopy

Transcreation, as its name suggests is a more creative approach to translation that puts more emphasis on form than content. Think of a regular translation as a photocopy – it gives you all of the information of the original document and works well for straightforward texts, but won’t do justice to an intricate image or graphic design portfolio. Transcreation is more akin to getting a repaint from a skilled artist who transfers the spirit of the original with some creative flourishes of their own.

How it works

Many translation agencies offer transcreation as a service, but if yours doesn’t, you can tell your provider that you want them to emphasize readability over content, or another approach could be to tell them that the text you’ve provided is simply a base for the finished product, specifying the word limit along with any other instructions.

When might transcreation be the right choice for you?

1. Website text

A website is ultimately your company’s calling card, and using transcreation can give your foreign readers a very welcoming and readable feel. Transcreation works really well for websites, as it takes the overall impression of the page into consideration rather than focusing on individual segments, giving cohesion to the finished product.

2. Solicitation letters and emails

If you’re sending a letter to potential business partners, your tone is extremely important. Transcreation removes the ‘written accent’ from your letters and captures your audience with a native tone that is familiar to them for more successful business prospecting.

3. Fashion/luxury goods

If fashion is your profession, then you need stylish text to match. Getting a transcreator to work on your product descriptions will give you excellent copy that matches the high quality of your goods, as writing style is of paramount importance for this market sector.

4. Product reviews

You want reviews of your product to present all of its advantages, with a smooth text that convinces the reader. Transcreation produces natural product reviews with the right tone that connect with your potential buyers.


Transcreation can help shape your professional translations into magnificent pieces of writing and stories, thus capturing your target audience with an enticing brand message.

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